William Butler Yeats

The Religious Affiliation of
William Butler Yeats

Religion: Anglican (Church of Ireland); Theosophist CBR Scale: M

Name: William Butler Yeats

Other Names: William Yeats; William B. Yeats; W.B. Yeats

Classification: real/historical person real/historical person  

Publisher(s): DC Top Shelf Productions Vertigo

Earliest Appearance Listed in This Database: Young Cassidy (1965)

Creators: Sean O'Casey, John Whiting, Jack Cardiff, John Ford

Number of Appearances: 6

   Comic Book Appearances: 4

   TV, Film Appearances: 2

Occupation: playwright, poet

Birth Place: Sandymount, Dublin, Ireland

Gender: male

This character is in the following 5 stories which have been indexed by this website:
Captain America (vol. 1) #295 (July 1984): "The Centre Cannot Hold!" (quoted and cited)
The Defenders (vol. 1) #97 (July 1981): "Slouching Toward Bethlehem" (quoted and cited)
Justice League of America (vol. 2) #26 (Dec. 2008): "The Second Coming, Chapter Five: Spiritus Mundi" (mentioned)
Young Cassidy (1965)
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles - Season 2, Episode 12 (12 June 1993): "Ireland, April 1916"

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