Benjamin Harrison

The Religious Affiliation of
Benjamin Harrison

Religion: Presbyterian CBR Scale: M

Name: Benjamin Harrison

Other Names: President Benjamin Harrison

Classification: real/historical person real/historical person  

Publisher(s): 20th Century Fox

Earliest Appearance Listed in This Database: Stars and Stripes Forever (1952)

Creators: John Philip Sousa, Ernest Vajda, Lamar Trotti, Henry Koster

Number of Appearances: 3

   Comic Book Appearances: 1

   TV, Film Appearances: 2

Occupation: U.S. President

Birth Place: North Bend, Ohio, USA

Race: white

Gender: male

Note: 23rd U.S. President

U.S. President Benjamin Harrison is mentioned purely for comedic purposes on the first page of Nextwave #4 (June 2006). This page is mostly text, featuring the "interactive NEXTWAVE: Agents of H.A.T.E. Primer Page" with a "Q and A session." The page is intended to bring new readers up to speed on what Nextwave is, who its members are, and what has happened in previous issues. For comedic purpose, the page concludes with questions that have nothing to do with the story.

The page ends with the following:

Q. Who's the 24th President of the U.S.A.?
A. Why, Benjamin Harrison, the signer of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.
Q. I hate trusts.
A. So did Ben. Now READ THE BOOK!

Benjamin Harrison

This character is in the following 2 stories which have been indexed by this website:
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #4 (June 2006) (mentioned)
Stars and Stripes Forever (1952)

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