The Scorpion (Mac Gargan)

The Religious Affiliation of
The Scorpion
Mac Gargan

Religion: manifestly non-religious CBR Scale: U

Name: The Scorpion

Alter Ego: Mac Gargan

Other Names: Scorpion; Venom; Venom III; MacDonald "Mac" Gargan; Namesake; "Spider-Man" (in Dark Avengers)

Classification: villain villain   hero hero  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #19 (Dec. 1964): "Spidey Strikes Back!"

First Appearance (Additional Details): (unnamed) The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #19 (Dec. 1964): "Spidey Strikes Back!"; (as Scorpion) The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #20 (Jan. 1965): "The Coming of the Scorpion!"; (as Venom III) Marvel Knights Spider-Man #10 (Mar. 2005): "Last Stand: Part 2"

Creators: Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 315

   Comic Book Appearances: 293

   TV, Film Appearances: 17

   Video Game, Computer Game Appearances: 5

Teams/Affiliations: Dark Avengers; Initiative; Sinister Twelve; Spider-Man Revenge League; The Masters of Evil; The Thunderbolts

Race: white

Gender: male


BELOW: Aunt May thought Mac Gargan (the Scorpion) was a Jehovah's Witness: Spider-Man consulted with powerful telepath Rachel Summers ("Marvel Girl" of the X-Men) to help him find his Aunt May, who was abducted by unknown villain. Touching a ring that belonged to Aunt May, Rachel was able to receive psychic impressions of the abduction. Rachel could not identify who the assailant was. But she did reveal that when Aunt May answered the door, she thought the person at the door was a Jehovah's Witness coming to preach about the Bible. It is worth noting that Aunt May left the chain on the door (meaning that she had not planned to let the Jehovah's Witness in), but she opened the door, no doubt intending to politely decline his invitation to visit with her.

Aunt May thought Mac Gargan (the Scorpion) was a Jehovah's Witness

Source: Marvel Knights Spider-Man #6 (Nov. 2004): "Venomous: Part Two", pg. 17, panels 2-3. Written by Mark Millar. Art by Rachel Dodson, Terry Dodson. See also: religion identified by name; missionary work; Jehovah's Witnesses; Spider-Man (Peter Parker); Aunt May; The Scorpion (Mac Gargan); Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey); Jehovah's Witnesses

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