Night Mask
Richard Reinhart

Religion: not determined yet

Name: Night Mask

Alter Ego: Richard Reinhart

Other Names: Night Mask II

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): Malibu Marvel

First Appearance: Protectors #1 (Sep. 1992): "When Heroes Gather"

Creators: R.A. Jones, Tom Derenick, Charles Truog, Mike Deodato Jr.

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 6

Teams/Affiliations: Protectors

Gender: male

Note: son of original Night Mask

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Night Mask II
Real Name: Richard Reinhart
Known Relatives: Philip Reinhart (father), Erika Blaine (mother)
Group Affiliation: Protectors
First Appearance: Protectors series 1990s from Malibu comics.
History: "Richard is the product of Philip Reinhart's -- the original Night Mask -- brief and volatile marriage to the former Erika Blaine. At the age of 3, he became the object of a bitter and highly publicized custody battle following the divorce of his parents. Richard attended several universities without earning a degree, then spent several years drifting around Europe. Having grown up with his mother, his relationship with his father is strained. Upon learning of the formation of the Protectors, Richard petitioned President O'Brien for a place on the roster. He donned a new costume, but adopted the same name as that used by his father when he was a masked crimefighter 50 years ago." - Protectors Handbook

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