Warden Zimmer

Religion: indeterminate

Name: Warden Zimmer

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: Joker: Last Laugh Secret Files #1 (Dec. 2001): "A Clown at Midnight"

Creators: Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty, Pete Woods, Cameron Stewart

Number of Appearances: 2

Enemy of: The Joker

Employer: Slabside Island Maximum Security Prison

Occupation: warden

Gender: male

Warden Zimmer is first seen in panel 7 on page 3 in Joker: Last Laugh #1 (page 7 in the Joker: Last Laugh trade paperback). His name is given in panel 4 on page 10 (page 14 in the trade paperback) when a guard tells security chief Shilo Norman, "Warden Zimmer's gone down to negotiate their surrender."

Shilo Norman is shocked to hear what Warden Zimmer is doing. His friend, U.S. Marshal Dina Bell asks, "Is he a complete idiot?"

Norman explains, "No . . . Just naive. Zimmer still believes repentance and redemption carry big sticks. He doesn't realize that all the guys in here are big sticks."

The Joker and the rioting super-villains following him killed Warden Zimmer when the warden tried to negotiate with them. The superheroine Black Canary found Zummer's body in panel 3 on page 25 (page 29 in the trade paperback).

This character is in the following 3 stories which have been indexed by this website:
Joker: Last Laugh
Joker: Last Laugh Secret Files #1 (Dec. 2001): "A Clown at Midnight"

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