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Religion: mystic entity invoked (pre-cataclysmic Atlantean, Faltinian) CBR Scale: D

Name: Bishru

Classification: deity deity  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Thor Annual #9 (Nov. 1981): "The Great Game!"

Creators: Chris Claremont, Luke McDonnell, Vince Colletta

Number of Appearances: 4

Teams/Affiliations: Gods of Pre-Cataclysmic Era

Ally: Kamuu
Ally: Umar
Ally: Shabarr

Note: invoked by Kamuu, Umar: "Bolts of Bishru"

Bishru was invoked by pre-Cataclysmic homo mermani (ancient Atlanteans), such as Kamuu, as well as by the modern Faltinian mystic villain Umar. Shabarr, who lived approximately 6000 B.C., was a priest of Bishru and guarded a temple dedicated to Bishru.

Bishru seems to be more solidly identified as a "god" than many other mystic entities invoked. Perhaps this is because an actual temple to Bishru was portrayed (in Sub-Mariner (vol. 1) #s 65 and 66).

The fact taht Bishru has such disparate followers, separated by great time and distance, suggests that Bishru is a very real deity or powerful mystic entity, not simply a figment of belief of an isolated believer or group. Bishru has never been portrayed in comics, however. Only his followers have been seen.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Thor Annual #9 (Nov. 1981): "The Great Game!" (mentioned)

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