George Gallup

The Religious Affiliation of
George Gallup

Religion: Christian (denomination unknown) CBR Scale: S

Name: George Gallup

Other Names: George Horace Gallup

Classification: real/historical person real/historical person  

Publisher(s): CBS

Earliest Appearance Listed in This Database: America Speaks - Season 1, Episode 1 (5 Sep. 1948)

Number of Appearances: 4

   Comic Book Appearances: 1

   TV, Film Appearances As Himself: 3

Employer: Gallup Organization

Occupation: pollster

Birth Place: Jefferson, Iowa, USA

Gender: male

George Gallup famously said: "I could prove God statistically. Take the human body alone -- the chance that all the functions of the individual would just happen is a statistical monstrosity!"

In panel 5 on page 7 in "Walk, Batman - To Your Doom!" in Batman #173 (Aug. 1965), Batman reads the latest edition of the Evening News. The headline reads: "Galdown Poll Puts Knott Out Ahead!" The name of the poll - the "Galldown Poll" is a playful twist on the Gallup Poll, named for George Gallup. Note how the poll's name combines the root "Gall" with the word "down" (the opposite of "up". So instead of the "Gall-up Poll," Batman reads results from the "Gall-down Poll."

This character is in the following 3 stories which have been indexed by this website:
America Speaks - Season 1, Episode 1 (5 Sep. 1948) (lead character)
Batman (vol. 1) #173 (Aug. 1965): "Walk, Batman - To Your Doom!" (character based on)
Dark Avengers #9 (Nov. 2009) (mentioned)

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