The Religious Affiliation of
Professor Yeates

Religion: skeptic turned into a believer CBR Scale: S

Name: Professor Yeates

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Strange Tales (vol. 1) #177 (Dec. 1974): "There Comes Now Raging Fire"

Creators: Mike Friedrich, Tony deZuniga, Steve Austin

Number of Appearances: 2

Ally: Saudia Yamal

Occupation: college professor

Worked for: San Pedro University: Ancient Cultures Dept.

Gender: male

Note: studied Golem; initially disbelieved it was alive

Professor Yeates was a professor on the faculty of the Ancient Cultures Department at San Pedro University. He worked with Saudia Yamal, who was apparently a graduate student or perhaps a junior faculty member. Yeates and Yamal were studying an ancient Golem statue. Yamal's study of the Golem had determined that it was in some way alive. But Professor Yeates was resolute in his belief that the Golem was merely a statue. Rebecca Abramson threatened to detail the professor's closed-mindedness in an article she was writing about the Golem. Professor Yeates had been very vocal about his belief, and he was afraid that if the statue really was proven to be alive, it would damage his career. He tried to destroy the Golem statue in order to protect his academic reputation. Yeates used a blow-torch on the Golem statue, but was unable to destroy it.

Later, after the Golem saved Professor Yeates from the Fire-Demons of Kaballa, the skeptical academic became a believer. He was now dedicated to trying to understand how the Golem statue could be alive.

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