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Religion: Hairy religion (lapsed); hedonist CBR Scale: S

Name: Misa

Classification: supporting character supporting character   villain villain  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: Superman (vol. 2) #115 (Sep. 1996): "Love Hurts"

Creators: Dan Jurgens, Ron Frenz, Joe Rubinstein

Number of Appearances: 19

Teams/Affiliations: Superman Revenge Squad

Location: Metropolis, USA; Mountain of Judgment

Race: Hairy, DNAlien

Gender: female

Note: daughter of Lucy Diamond Sky and Hairies leader Jude

Misa is the daughter of Hairies leader Jude. She was raised in the peace-loving ways of the Hairies, who dwell in the Wild Area inside the Mountain of Judgment. Misa decided to pursue a life of adventure and doing whatever she wanted, a path which led her on quests which threatened the safety of others and brought her into conflict with Superman.

Misa can be classified as a villain. She even joined the Superman Revenge Squad. But she seems to be more self-centered and selfish than purely "evil." She just wanted to have "fun."

Eventually Misa gave up her evil ways and helped Superman and Jimmy Olsen save her people from peril.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Superman (vol. 2) #115 (Sep. 1996): "Love Hurts"

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