Nick Fury

The Religious Affiliation of
Nick Fury

Religion: secular CBR Scale: U

Name: Nick Fury

Other Names: Col. Nicholas Joseph Fury; Man in the Mystery Mask; Mr. Anger; Doyle

Classification: hero hero  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos (vol. 1) #1 (May 1963): "Seven Against the Nazis"

Creators: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 1,898

   Comic Book Appearances: 1,865

   TV, Film Appearances: 27

   Video Game, Computer Game Appearances: 6

Teams/Affiliations: S.H.I.E.L.D.; The Howling Commandos; The Ultimates

Enemy of: HYDRA, Baron Strucker, Viper, Desert Hawk, Desert Fox, Violence, Mr. Von Kimmer

Ally: Dum Dum Dugan
Ally: Contessa

Ally: Captain America

Occupation: intelligence agent, military officer, soldier

Birth Place: Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Race: black, white

Gender: male


BELOW: Nick Fury tells Thor he doesn't believe in any gods:

Fury put down his pen and squeezed the bridge of his nose. "Okay," he said with his eyes closed. "I get it. If I have to raise my right hand and swear that I believe you're the Norse god of thunder just to get you to leave, I'll do it." He raised his right hand, looking down at his desk. Ten seconds or so later, he looked up. "You're not gone."

"You're not very convincing," Thor said.

"Neither are you, Mister Son of Odin, or Wotan, or whatever we're supposed to call him. I don't believe in gods--any of them--and until you bring Jesus Christ himself in to walk across the Upper Bay from Battery Park to here, that isn't going to change. Far as I'm concerned, you're a garden-variety anti-globalization wacko who got hold of some tech that nobody can reverse-engineer. Doesn't make you anything special."

Thor had started smiling at "Wotan," and couldn't stop. "Quite a speech, General Fury."

"You provoke me," Fury said.

"Well. Let me provoke you to pay attention."

Source: The Ultimates: Against All Enemies (2007), pg. 38-39. Written by Alex Irvine. See also: gods; impiety; disbelief; Jesus Christ; Norse/Teutonic paganism; Atheist; Non-Religious; Christian (generic); Thor (Donald Blake); Nick Fury; Jesus Christ (Jesus of Nazareth); Odin

BELOW: Nick Fury voices a hope he has about God putting an end to Tony Stark's penchant for verbal nonsense:

He'd lost Nick. "Sometimes I hope that God will one day decide that you can only shovel so much bullsh--," Nick said, "and then he's going to strike you dead."

"He might," Tony said. "He just might. But before he does, let's go into another room where I've set up a little presentation..."

Source: The Ultimates: Against All Enemies (2007), pg. 8. Written by Alex Irvine. See also: God; Iron Man (Tony Stark); Nick Fury

BELOW: Thor feels that Nick Fury is going to great lengths to rationalize rather than accept the facts of Thor's and Loki's existence. Thor gently chides Nick Fury for his inability to believe that Thor is a god and that Loki has just appeared before them in the form of somebody else. Nick Fury's secular mindset simply can't allow for such possibilities. Thor tells Fury: "I know what I know." Fury's disbelief will not dissuade Thor from his convictions.

"And you," Fury went on, now pointing to Thor, "are one crazy son of a bi---."

Thor spread his hands. "General. After all we've seen in this past year, you still think it's crazy to believe in shapeshifters?"

Fury glared daggers at him.

"And the truth is, I don't care about what you think where my mental stability is concerned. I know what I know. However you want to rationalize it to yourself is fine."

"Oh," Fury said. "You're going to lecture me about rationalizing? Let me get out my tape recorder."

"General Fury," Thor said. "That was Loki... If you need to think I'm crazy because that's the way your world makes sense to you, be my guest," Thor said. "But this happened. And what needs to happen now is..."

Source: The Ultimates: Against All Enemies (2007), pg. 41. Written by Alex Irvine. See also: rationalization; knowledge; disbelief; Norse/Teutonic paganism; Atheist; Thor (Donald Blake); Nick Fury; Loki

BELOW: Nick Fury is not comfortable citing the "Norse thunder god" as a source of information:

"Okay," Fury said. "Let' say I believe you. How do you suggest I explain to the congressional inquiry that I knew I had to do it because of the word of the Norse thunder god?"

Thor put away his smile. "Is that the worst problem you can think of?"

Source: The Ultimates: Against All Enemies (2007), pg. 39. Written by Alex Irvine. See also: gods; Norse/Teutonic paganism; Thor (Donald Blake); Nick Fury

BELOW: Nick Fury refers to Tony Stark's new Chitauri-detection technology as "voice of God network thingamajig":

I got a guerrilla ant army out there, Nick thought, but no way to control it until Tony gets his voice of God networking thingamajig set up.

Source: The Ultimates: Against All Enemies (2007), pg. 253. Written by Alex Irvine. See also: God; Iron Man (Tony Stark); Nick Fury

BELOW: Tony Stark (Iron Man) contemplates the dark "secrets" of his fellow Ultimates:

Then again it wasn't like Banner was the only one whose character could be considered . . . murky. They all had secrets... Nick, our fixer, which of us will you throw under the bus the next time you need a favor from Capitol Hill? Banner's already gone. How long before you need another sacrificial lamb?

It won't be me, Tony thought.

Source: The Ultimates: Against All Enemies (2007), pg. 7. Written by Alex Irvine. See also: sacrificial lamb; Iron Man (Tony Stark); Nick Fury

Nick Fury

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