The Religious Affiliation of
Darius Zorr

Religion: Utopian CBR Scale: S

Name: Darius Zorr

Classification: non-feature lead character non-feature lead character  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery (vol. 1) #82 (July 1962): "The Next Galaxy"

Creators: Don Heck

Number of Appearances: 1

Occupation: explorer, spacecraft builder

Gender: male

Darius Zorr lived 1000 years in the future - in the year 2962. Earth by then had conquered all inhabited worlds in the known galaxy. Darius Zorr build a revolutionary new spacecraft capable of journeying to other galaxies. He explored civilizations in other galaxies in order to find new world's for the Earth-based empire to conquer.

But then something unexpected happened that changed the Zorr's thinking and his course in life. He encountered an alien civilization which was technologically primitive, yet it was truly Utopian. The people had no military, no crime, no judicial system, no weapons. It didn't need any of these things, for the people lived in total anarchy.

This Utopian society reminded Zorr of Earth's distant past. Perhaps he was recalling times in between 1962 and 2962 when Earth had developed Utopian societies, or perhaps he was thinking of historic Utopian societies prior to 1962 (i.e., Amish, Doukhobor, Amana, Ephrata, Mormon, Mennonite, etc.). In any case, Zorr admired these societies of Earth's past and he admired this alien civiliation. He didn't want to change it, for any change would only destroy something he saw as near-perfect. So Zorr returned to Earth and reported that other galaxies were completely devoid of life.

Perhaps Zorr had fostered Utopian ideals for a long time, for perhaps encountering this utopian alien civilization in another galaxy was so life-changing that he adopted Utopian ideals then and there. In either case, Zorr may or may not have decided to live fully by Utopian ideals in his own life, but he believed in such ideals strongly enough to jettison his own life's mission in order to protect a foreign Utopian society.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Journey Into Mystery (vol. 1) #82 (July 1962): "The Next Galaxy"

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