unnamed mayor of Gotham City

unnamed mayor of Gotham City

Religion: indeterminate

Name: unnamed mayor of Gotham City

Other Names: Mr. Mayor; the mayor; unnamed mayor

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: Detective Comics (vol. 1) #330 (Aug. 1964): "The Fallen Idol of Gotham City!"

Creators: John Broome, Sheldon Moldoff, Joe Giella

Number of Appearances: 4

Employer: Gotham City

Occupation: mayor

Gender: male

The mayor of Gotham City was not named, but he was featured in panels 3 and 4 on page 15 in the story titled "The Fallen Idol of Gotham City!" in Detective Comics #330 (Aug. 1964)

In panel 4 on page 11 in the story titled "Robin's Unassisted Triple Play!" in Batman #172 (June 1965), we see Bruce Wayne reading a newspaper: The Gotham News. The headline reads: "Robin Capture of Flower Gang Hailed by Mayor."

The unnamed mayor of Gotham City appeared again in "Secret Identities for Sale!" in Batman #173 (Aug. 1965). This was a much more significant appearance. The mayor appears in 6 panels on pages 5 through 7. The mayor here looks very much like the mayor depicted in Detective Comics #330, except that he is more bald. The mayor must have been wearing a toupe for his very public appearance in Detective Comics #330. In both issues the mayor is an older gentleman with a moustache, a sightly protruding chin and prominent cheekbones. John Broome was the writer and Sheldon Moldoff was the penciller both stories. Possibly the similarity in how the mayor looks in these two different stories is just a coincidence. But it looks like Broome and Moldoff intended this to be the same character.

In Batman #173 a man comes to the mayor's office with a peculiar offer. The man - Elwood Pearson - has invented a camera capable of taking a picture of a person's face even beneath a mask. Pearson has taken a photograph and thus discovered the true identity of Mr. Incognito - the criminal mastermind who has been terrorizing Gotham City with crime. The photographer offers to sell the mayor the identity of Mr. Incognito - for $1 million dollars. The mayor tells Pearson that his request is for a lot of money and that he will need to consult with the city council before he can make a decision like that. Pearson leaves, telling the mayor he has 24 hours to make a decision. The mayor's next move is to contact Batman and Robin, to enlist their help in finding out more about Pearson before he brings the photographer's proposal to the city council. Ultimately Batman and Robin are able to track down and apprehend both Mr. Incognito and Pearson, so that the mayor does not need to make the million dollar deal.

An unnamed mayor of Gotham City is briefly featured in Batman and the Outsiders (vol.1) #9 (Apr. 1984). Bruce Wayne is attending the ground-breaking ceremony for a new housing project. A reporter on the scene observes that the mayor of Gotham City "is about to officially open the project by digging the first symbolic spade of Earth." Before the mayor can do so, however, the metal blade of his shovel is melted by the villainess named Heatstroke, who invades the event along with her fellow Masters of Disaster.

An unnamed mayor of Gotham City is seen on the front page of a newspaper posted to a wall in panel 2 on page 14 in Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1 (May 2009). The headline reads: "EXTRA: Mayor Fights Impeachment." The mayor's photo is displayed beneath the banner headline.

This "unnamed mayor" of Gotham City is probably a different mayor than one who was in Batman stories published a generation ago.

This character is in the following 6 stories which have been indexed by this website:
Batman and the Outsiders (vol. 1) #9 (Apr. 1984): "Enter: the Masters of Disaster" (2-panel cameo)
Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1 (May 2009): "A Hostile Takeover" (1-panel cameo)
Batman: Streets of Gotham #1 (Aug. 2009): "Strange Bedfellows" (2-panel cameo)
Detective Comics (vol. 1) #330 (Aug. 1964): "The Fallen Idol of Gotham City!" (2-panel cameo)

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