Religion: indeterminate

Name: George

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: Action Comics (vol. 1) #3 (Aug. 1938): "The Blakely Mine Disaster"

Creators: Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster

Number of Appearances: 1

Ally: Thornton Blakely

Gender: male

George (whose last name was never revealed) was one of the wealthy party-goers at wealthy mine owner Thornton Blakely's part. Superman crashed the party disguised as a simmpleton miner. His presence there inspired Thornton Blakely to invite the party-goers into one of his mines, with the disguised Superman acting as a guide.

Thornton Blakely called the guests at his party, George included, "a mob of pampered nincompoops whose sole activity in life is searching for new ways to escape boredom." This may seem harsh, and some in the assembled mob objected to the characterization, but they really did act this way.

George, in particular, seems to have been a pampered lecherous nincompoop. While descending into the mine in an elevator cage, George pulled up close to a pretty young female party-goer and told her: "Better hold tight to that rail! On second thought, why not on to me? What has the rail got I haven't got?"

"Fresh!" the woman responded, feigning disgust but secretly enjoying the attention.

Later, as the party-goers walked walked into the main mining area, George remarked, "Don't tell me people actually work down here!"

The woman he said this to responded, "George! I-- I don't like this filthy mine! . . . We shouldn't have come!"

George and the other pampererd partiers ended up going through quite an experience when Superman secretly caused a mine cave-in that trapped their group behind tons of rubble. Superman's gambit paid off when mine owner Thornton Blakely was humbled by the experienced and embraced the idea of maintaining the mine properly and using adequate safety equipment. Whether George and his fellow party-goers learned anything as well is not entirely clear. But it seems that at least some of them were not as thoughtless and greedy as Thornton. When a broken signal device failed, one of party-goers (not George) was so angry he throttled Blakely, shouting, "You blasted skin-flint! If you'd have had the mine equipped with proper safety-precautions we might have gotten out alive!" Perhaps George was like his friend there in having a certain degree of social consciousness despite living a life of bourgeois boredom.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Action Comics (vol. 1) #3 (Aug. 1938): "The Blakely Mine Disaster"

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