The Religious Affiliation of
Nick Stone

Religion: manifestly non-religious CBR Scale: I

Name: Nick Stone

Classification: villain villain  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: New York World's Fair Comics #1 (Apr. 1939): "Superman at the World's Fair"

Creators: Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: Superman, Lois Lane

Occupation: criminal, thief

Gender: male

Note: tried to murder Lois Lane; thwarted by Superman

Clark Kent and Lois Lane encountered the criminal Nick Stone at the New York World's Fair, which they were covering on assignment from their employer, the Daily Star. While entering the Marine Transportation Building, Clark Kent bumped into a man wearing a green suit coat and an orange fedora. "Why don't you watch where you're going?" the man said menacingly.

The man was shocked when Lois blurted out her recognition of him. "Nick Stone! Grab him, Clark!" she said.

Clark Kent always pretended to be meek and mild-mannered, however. "Me?" he stammered hesitantly, "Uh -- why?"

"Keep your trap shut!" said Nick Stone while punching Clark Kent in the face.

Clark thought to himself: "I'll play unconscious, and see what happens!"

Nick Stone put a handgun to Lois Lane's back and forced her to go with him to his car. "How come you recognized me?" he asked.

Lois answered, "I knew from newspaper photographs that you're a wanted criminal!"

When they were gone, Clark Kent changed into Superman and tailed Nick Stone's car to his hideout. Nick told some fellow criminals there, "She recognized me. I had to bring her here before she raised a squawk!"

The ever curious Lois Lane asked, "What crooked activity are you up to, anyway?"

Nick answered, "The Rhanee Jewels -- worth a fortune -- are being exhibited at the Fair. During the excitement of the fireworks display, our two agents will seize them!"

Lois asked, "Aren't you afraid to let me know this?"

Nick answered, "No - because you'll never tell them to anyone!"

Nick then pulled the trigger on his gun to murder Lois Lane. Fortunately, Superman had been listening to the whole scene from outside. He burst through a window and caught the bullet in his hand when it was just two inches from Lois Lane's face.

Superman turned on the crooks, probably knocking them out. "It's a good thing for you I haven't lost my temper," he told them.

Superman carried Lois Lane in his arms as he rushed back to the World's Fair to prevent the theft Nick Stone had planned. Unfortunately, Superman did not arrive in time to prevent one of Nick Stone's agents from shooting (and possibly killing) a uniformed guard or police officer. Superman caught up to the fleeing thieves and recovered the jewels.

Little was revealed about Nick Stone's background in this story, but he can clearly be categorized as manifestly non-religious. For no reason other than greed, he was willing to steal and murder. He personally tried to murder Lois Lane, a woman he didn't even know, simply to prevent her from telling authorities about his plan. Superman prevented that murder, but did not prevent another innocent from being killed - the guard shot by Stone's agent. Although Stone did not personally pull the trigger, he is just as culpable morally and legally (if not more so), because it was he who planned the crime.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
New York World's Fair Comics #1 (Apr. 1939): "Superman at the World's Fair"

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