Bob Calvert

Religion: indeterminate

Name: Bob Calvert

Other Names: Mr. Calvert

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: Action Comics (vol. 1) #30 (Nov. 1940): "A Midsummer Snowtorm"

Creators: Jerry Siegel, Jack Burnley

Number of Appearances: 1

Occupation: meteorologist

Gender: male

On page 1 of the Superman story in Action Comics #30 (Nov. 1940), Metropolis is suffering from a bitter snowstorm in the middle of Summer. In panel 2, Clark Kent's editor, George Taylor, sends him to consult weather man Bob Calvert, saying, "Br-r-r -- This freezing weather in midsummer is unbelievable! Clark, I want you to see Bob Calvert, the weather man, and get his explanation."

Clark responds, "O.K., chief."

In panel 3, Clark Kent is in Calvert's office. Clark asks, "How do you explain this freak weather, Mr. Calvert?"

Bob Calvert is a mostly-bald older man wearing eyeglasses and a solid yellow suit coat, yellow vest, and white shirt. Calvert answers, "I have no explanation! According to my calculations, we should be roasting! It doesn't make sense!"

Then Clark Kent and Bob Calvert hear a plea for help come from Laura Vogel, speaking over the radio on Calvert's desk. Vogel claims she can explain the ice storm.

Calvert asks Clark Kent, "Did you hear that? Say! Do you think Superman heard that rdio message -- or that he'll follow her instructions?"

Clark (who is secretly Superman) responds, "I wouldn't b surprisesd in the least!"

This was the last that was seen of Bob Calvert. He was mentioned in one panel and then seen in three other panels, all on page 1. He merely served as a logical starting point for Clark Kent's investigation into the mystery of the strange weather. Calvert is probably supposed to be a very intelligent, wise weather man. He is drawn that way, at least. But writer Jerry Siegel probably knew very little about meteorology. Calvert's "calculations" led him to conclude that there it should not be snowing during the middle of summer, and that it should instead be hot? Couldn't most people have figured that out, even without running "calculations?"

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Action Comics (vol. 1) #30 (Nov. 1940): "A Midsummer Snowtorm" (3-panel cameo)

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