The Religious Affiliation of

Religion: manifestly non-religious; radical pacifist (fake) CBR Scale: S

Name: Derwing

Classification: villain villain  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: Superman (vol. 1) #9 (Mar.-Apr. 1941): "The Phony Pacifists"

Creators: Jerry Siegel, Paul Cassidy

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: Superman

Employer: a warring totalitarian nation

Occupation: spy

Worked for: The Committee Against Militarism

Gender: male

Derwing was the chairman of the Committee Against Militarism. He pretended to be a radical pacifist, but he was really in the employ of a warring totalitarian nation. He was hired by an enemy of the United States to weaken the country's military and prevent it from helping struggling democracies. Despite the public front he put on, Derwing apparently had no real ideal other than enriching himself.

In panel 2 on page 10 of the story retroactively titled "The Phony Pacifists," Derwing told a group of sincere pacifistic followers, "As you all know, I am chairman of the Committee Against Militarism. Senator Galsworthy has kindly permitted us to use this office for our meeting, because he sympathizes with our case. Our stand: no rearmament in the U.S., and no aid to warring democracies! I've just received word that some of the Army's supplies stored here in Metropolis are about to be exploded - just so that the grafters can sell new materials . . . at the taxpayers' expense."

Members of the Committee were naturally indignant. "It's outrageous!" one said. Another said, "We'll protest!"

Derwing told them, "When you leave this office I want you to begin the battle immediately. Organize your communities. Be militant in your fight against re-armament!"

One follower said, "With you to lead us we can't fail!"

Derwing was clearly an effective, inspirational leader. But the words he said did not match what was in his heart. After the Committee members left, at least three men stayed behind. As the narrative caption reads, "But after most of the men depart, and only a few remain . . ."

One of the remaining men asked, "Now that the gullible saps have gone, how about getting down to brass tacks?"

Another asked, "What are we going to get out of this?"

The third said, "You're not opposing re-armament just for the love of it. Where do we cash in?"

Derwing told these remaining men, "You aren't wide-eyed patriots like the others. I'll take you into my confidence. I am in the employ of a warring totalitarian nation. My duty here in America is to see that no aid is offered to the democracies, and that the U.S. fails to re-arm. Later, when the country I represent takes over America - you and I will profit!"

One man said, "Splendid!"

Another said, "We'll all be big shots when that day arrives!"

Superman was listening in on all of this. He turned a dictaphone on and began recording all of Derwing's conversation with these fellow phony pacifists. When Senator Galsworthy arrived outside his office door, Superman had listen in for a while. The Senator was furious. He was a genuine pacifist and was not working with Derwing at all. The Senator burst in and struck Derwing in the face.

Derwing and his followers tried to kill Galsworthy, but Superman protected the man. Superman and the Senator turned Derwing and the other phony pacifists over to authorities.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Superman (vol. 1) #9 (Mar.-Apr. 1941): "The Phony Pacifists"

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