Brenda Gutman

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Name: Brenda Gutman

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: X-Statix #12 (Sep. 2003): "If You Think I'm Sexy"

Creators: Peter Milligan, Mike Allred, Philip Bond

Number of Appearances: 1

Gender: female

Note: widow of X-Statix mortician Brad Gutman

Brenda Gutman was the wife of Brad Gutman, the mortician for the super-hero team X-Statix. Brenda and Brad had a young daughter named Britney who was shot dead by police when she aimed a gun at a crowd of people.

Brenda's husband Brad was a necrophiliac. Brenda knew about her husband's twisted sexual obsession with dead bodies. The night before Britney died, Brenda tried to demonstrate to Brad how disgusting his perversion was. She also wanted to get the point across to Brad that he was having a very negative impact on their daughter. Brenda put pale make-up on her face in an attempt to look more like a corpse. She threw a cold stake at her husband and she took a cold bath. None of this seems to have sunk in, however.

As Brad Gutman was taking his daughter back to the mortuary, Brenda pleaded to police to not let her husband take their daughter. Brenda knew what her husband would want to do.

The superheroine Dead Girl, a member of X-Statix, had tried unsuccessfully to talk Britney out of her angry and dangerous stance with a loaded gun. After Britney was killed, Dead Girl went to the mortuary. Dead Girl killed Brad Gutman just before he had a chance to molest his recently deceased daughter. Dead Girl then summoned the spirits of his victims to torment him.

All of these events left Brenda alone. Her daughter was dead, essentially via "suicide by cop," and her husband was dead a the hands of Dead Girl, a self-styled defender of the dead. Brenda's family and life had essentially been destroyed because her husband mentally entertained and then physically engaged in aberrant, immoral sexual behavior.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
X-Statix #12 (Sep. 2003): "If You Think I'm Sexy"

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