Scarface (Al Capone)

The Religious Affiliation of
Al Capone

Religion: Catholic CBR Scale: I

Name: Scarface

Alter Ego: Al Capone

Other Names: Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone

Classification: villain villain   real/historical person real/historical person  

Publisher(s): DC Marvel

Earliest Appearance Listed in This Database: Call of Youth (1942)

Creators: Dinshaw Bilimoria, Samson (actor)

Number of Appearances: 109

   Comic Book Appearances: 9

   TV, Film Appearances: 66

   TV, Film Appearances As Himself: 32

   Video Game, Computer Game Appearances: 2

Teams/Affiliations: Mafia

Occupation: gangster

Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA

Gender: male

In panel 3 on page 3 in Superman #167 (Feb. 1964), Lex Luthor is in his secret lair when he walks by a display of four statues of his heroes: Atilla the Hun, Genghis Khan, Captain Kidd an Al Capone. Luthor thinks, "My heroes . . . the greatest marauders of the ages! I dreamed of being as great as they and I would be, if Superman didn't always stop me!"

Al Capone is mentioned in Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) #314 (Dec. 1984). In panel 1 on page 5, the narrative caption introduces a scene that takes place in Chicago (the home of Hulk ally Doc Samson): "...and a few hours later, a thousand miles east, the legendary 'City of the Big Shoulders' sprawls along the gleaming shores of Lake Michigan. Chicago. Renowned in song and fable as the home of complex politics, Al Capone, world-class pizza . . . and at least one erstwhile superhero."

Scarface (Al Capone)

This character is in the following 8 stories which have been indexed by this website:
The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #600 (Sep. 2009): "Last Legs" (mentioned)
Call of Youth (1942)
Captain America (vol. 1) #169 (Jan. 1974): "When a Legend Dies" (mentioned)
I Due Kennedy (1969)
The Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) #314 (Dec. 1985): "Call of the Desert" (mentioned)
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman - Season 2, Episode 7 (13 Nov. 1994): "That Old Gang of Mine"
Superman (vol. 1) #167 (Feb. 1964): "The Team of Luthor and Brainiac!" (statue)
X-Factor (vol. 3) #37 (Jan. 2009) (mentioned)

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