Col. Gate

Religion: not determined yet

Name: Col. Gate

Other Names: Colonel Gate

Classification: villain villain  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: What The--?! #10 (Jan. 1991): "To Save You, Why Must I Floss?"

Creators: Sholly Fisch, Rurik Tyler

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: Milk, Cookies, Human Scorch

Occupation: criminal mastermind

Gender: male

Col. Gate was a criminal mastermind featured in the "X-Mas Special" (i.e. "Christmas Special") issue of the comedy/parody comic magazine What The--?!.

Col. Gate was upset about past defeats at the hands of Milk and Cookies. So he set a trap for them. Col. He lured them to an address where he planned to use his robot agent, S'aanta (based on Santa Claus), to destroy his sworn enemies.

Unfortunately for Gate, his robot was destroyed by Milk and Cookies. Milk was about to kill Col. Gate, but Cookies talked him out of it. Col. Gate then tried to escape, but was captured by the heroic "Human Scorch."

The name "Col. Gate" was derived from the toothpaste brand "Colgate."

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