Religion: indeterminate

Name: Rodgers

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: Detective Comics (vol. 1) #42 (Aug. 1940): "The Case of the Prophetic Pictures!"

Creators: Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson

Number of Appearances: 1

Ally: Mr. Travers

Occupation: millionaire

Gender: male

Note: Travers hid on Rodgers' yacht to escape killer

Rodgers was a wealthy friend of Mr. Travers.

When Mr. Travers' portrait painting was shot with an arrow, he knew that it meant he was targeted by the murderer who had been killing everybody painted by the celebrated artist Antal. Travers had seen what had happened to previous targets of the killer. Neither the police nor Batman had been able to prevent them from being murdered. So Travers told the police he was going to protect himself. He did so by staying on his friend Rodgers' yacht.

The murderer (Mr. Wylie, disguised with a death mask) somehow figured out where Travers was hiding and followed him to the Rodgers yacht. Fortunately for Travers, Robin had also come to the yacht to defend Travers. Robin managed to defend Travers' life, but the murderous Mr. Wylie managed to get away.

Rodgers was never actually seen in this story, but he was mentioned many times. Pages 8 and 9 of this story take place entirely on the Rodgers yacht.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Detective Comics (vol. 1) #42 (Aug. 1940): "The Case of the Prophetic Pictures!" (mentioned)

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