The Red Queen

The Red Queen

Religion: not determined yet

Name: The Red Queen

Other Names: The Queen of Hearts; The Queen

Classification: villain villain  

Publisher(s): Macmillan

First Appearance: Through the Looking-Glass (1871) - book 2 in Alice series

Creators: Lewis Carroll, John Tenniel

Number of Appearances: 82

   Comic Book Appearances: 4

   TV, Film Appearances: 73

   Video Game, Computer Game Appearances: 3

   Prose/Text Book/Story Appearances: 2

Enemy of: Alice in Wonderland

Family/Relative: The King of Hearts (husband)

Occupation: queen

Nation: Wonderland

Gender: female

The Red Queen

This character is in the following 7 stories which have been indexed by this website:
Alice & the White Hair (2010)
Babes in Toyland (1934)
Dark Reign: Mr. Negative #1 (Aug. 2009): "The Last Stand of Mr. Negative" (mentioned)
Emmanuelle in Wonderland (2012)
The Mother Goose Video Treasury (1987)
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - Season 1, Episode 1 (10 Oct. 2013): "Down the Rabbit Hole"
Through the Looking-Glass (1871) - book 2 in Alice series

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