Giant-Man (Hank Pym)

The Religious Affiliation of
Hank Pym

Religion: atheist CBR Scale: U

Name: Giant-Man

Alter Ego: Hank Pym

Other Names: Ant-Man; Giant-Man; Giant Man; Goliath; Yellowjacket; Dr. Pym; Wasp II; Henry J. Pym; Henry "Hank" Pym; Yellowjacket I; Henry Pym Sr.; Behemoth; Iron Giant; Gigantus

Classification: hero hero   scientist scientist  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Tales to Astonish (vol. 1) #27 (Jan. 1962): "The Man in the Ant Hill!"

Creators: Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 1,543

   Comic Book Appearances: 1,524

   TV, Film Appearances: 17

   Video Game, Computer Game Appearances: 2

Teams/Affiliations: Commission on Superhuman Activities; Secret Defenders; The Avengers; The Defenders; The Liberators

Enemy of: Ultron, J.B. Desalvio

Ally: The Wasp (Janet Van Dyne)

Occupation: scientist

Birth Place: Elmsford, New York, USA

Race: white

Gender: male


BELOW: Thor calls Hank Pym's scientific achievement "miraculous": There is a certain irony in this scene. Thor, who is an actual deity, the Norse god of thunder, sees Hank Pym (Ant-Man) and Janet Van Dyne (the Wasp) change from insect-sized to human-sized, and then hears Dr. Pym explain his invention - the pills that allow them to change size. Thor calls this scientific achievement "miraculous." This could be viewed as an interesting inversion of the standard use of this word, in which a scientifically unexplainable and presumably divinely-caused event is referred to as "miraculous" or a "miracle."

Thor calls Hank Pym's scientific achievement miraculous

Source: The Avengers (vol. 1) #2 (Nov. 1963): "The Avengers Battle... the Space Phantom", pg. 2, panel 4. Written by Stan Lee. Art by Jack Kirby, Paul Reinman. See also: miracles; Thor (Donald Blake); Giant-Man (Hank Pym)

Giant-Man (Hank Pym) Giant-Man (Hank Pym) Giant-Man (Hank Pym) Giant-Man (Hank Pym) Giant-Man (Hank Pym) Giant-Man (Hank Pym)

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