Religion: indeterminate

Name: Maynard

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: (seen) New Mutants (vol. 3) #1 (July 2009); (named) New Mutants (vol. 3) #2 (Aug. 2009)

Creators: Zeb Wells, Diogenes Neves, Cam Smith, Edgar E. Tadeo

Number of Appearances: 4

Enemy of: Karma, Legion

Ally: Noah

Location: Westcliffe, Colorado, USA

Gender: male

Note: went into convulsions when tried to tie up Karma

Maynard is first seen on one splash page - the third-to-last page in New Mutants (vol. 3) #1. He appears to be tied up and drooling profusely, his mind in a catatonic state. He is lying on the floor in front of the New Mutant known as Karma, who was tied to a chair in sitting position.

He is seen again in panel 1 on page 1 in New Mutants (vol. 3) #2. At this point, his identity was still a mystery.

Maynard's name and plot significance was finally identified later in New Mutants (vol. 3) #2, in panel 4 on page 18, which is the third panel (in 2 issues) that depicts this minor character.

Maynard is tied up in the back room of a bar where Cannonball and Sunspot have come, looking for their missing teammates Karma and Moonstar. The bartender, not subdued by Cannonball's anger, explains about Karma's current state: "She's fine. Maynard there started shakin' just like her while he was tying her up. No one's gonna touch her.

It was either Karma's mutant power or - more likely - Legion's power - that caused Maynard to go into convulsions and go into a catatonic state - an event described here but never depicted "on-panel."

Maynard is seen again in 4 panels in New Mutants (vol. 3) #3. He is still in the same state and same place - at the feet of a tied-up Karma.

Finally, Maynard was seen in one panel in New Mutants (vol. 3) #4, after the New Mutants have defeated Legion. Perhaps as a result of Legion's villainous split personalities being brought under control, Maynard has awaken and seems fine. He is seen walking outside the bar where he had been tied up and catatonic. Emma Frost, who has arrived with the X-Men, gives Maynard a telepathic suggestion that he has been sick with stomach flu for two days.

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