Mark Sunderland

Religion: not determined yet

Name: Miasma

Alter Ego: Mark Sunderland

Classification: villain villain  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: Magog #2 (Dec. 2009): "Miasma"

Creators: Keith Giffen, Howard Porter, John Dell III

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: Magog, Flashpoint, Tyro, unnamed cleanshaven agent, unnamed female agent, Overkill Prime 02

Occupation: stock broker

Gender: male

The villain "Miasma" first appeared in Magog #2 (Dec. 2009). A wealthy weapons buyer named "Mr. Sunderland" was first mentioned in this same issue. In the next issue (Magog #3) we learned that Mr. Sunderland is Miasma. He is Mark Sunderland, a stock trader who ran a Ponzi scheme trading firm which bilked billions of dollars from investors.

The particulars of Mark Sunderland's back story are based directly on Bernard Madoff story. Interestingly enough, with Mr. Sunderland's name and appearance, the writer and artist of Magog appear to explicitly create Mark Sunderland/Miasma as a non-Jewish character, rather than make him Jewish as Madoff is.

When Mr. Sunderland was first mentioned (in Magog #2), we knew him only as a man who bought weapons from yet-unnamed evil global organization.

On page 8 in Magog #2 (Dec. 2009), a yet-unnamed illegal arms dealer discusses with Chelsea (his assistant?) the recent killing of 3 of their agents. Chelsea believes one of their clients, Mr. Sunderland, might have something to do with it.

Chelsea explains, "So, didn't we, like, fill that custom order? Airborne nanite dispersal keyed to low grade neural override? Part of the deal was protection, right?"

The arms dealer says, "You're referring to the Sunderland Account."

Chelsea: "Wasn't that, y'know, all about urban warfare?"

arms dealer: "Mr. Sunderland--"

Chelsea: "He, y'know, doesn't like to be called that anymore?"

arms dealer: "Mr. Sunderland is more than capable of paying for goods and services--"

Chelsea: "Us against them, right? That's, like, his whole thing?"

arms dealer: "And you think . . ."

Chelsea: "Well, we are, like, technically them. Y'know, Over-People?"

The arms dealer decides to visit Mr. Sunderland. He asks Chelsea: "His contact?"

Chelsea answers, "Um . . . 0274? That Detective . . . Bannigan?"

The arms dealer says, "I think it's time for a follow-up vist. Customer relations, if you will."

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