The Religious Affiliation of
Alf Stone

Religion: deist CBR Scale: I

Name: Stimulus

Alter Ego: Alf Stone

Other Names: STIMULUS; S T I M U L U S

Classification: hero hero  

Publisher(s): gG

Creators: gG

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: Planet Feeders, Plasman

Ally: Treeni

Occupation: babysitter, landscaper

Location: Quadrant 7, Gi galaxy

Gender: male

The superhero known as "Stimulus" was born in Quadrant 7 of the Gi Galaxy. He was raised on Earth, where he became known as "Alf Stone." At the age of 13, he was adopted into a human family on the North American continent.

Also at the age of 13, Alf Stone's consciousness was linked with a Dominant planet twin. This event activated heretofore dormant super-human abilities within him. Alf Stone has kept the existence of these abilities a secret from his adoptive Earth family.

Despite being an alien biologically, Alf Stone is culturally an Earth human. He was not raised in nor does he strongly identify with any religion or philosophy endemic to the alien race of his birth.

Alf is still a young man - essentially an Earth teenager. He works as a babysitter and landscaper.

With regards to religious affiliation, the creator of Alf Stone states that the character is best classified as a deist. The importance this belief position has to young Alf Stone may be minimal, and is probably not something he spends any appreciable time considering or discussing on a daily basis. He is not known to belong to any congregation or any organized Deist organization.

As a teenager who only recently had his world turned upside down by obtaining new powers, knowledge, and responsibilities, Alf Stone is still in a formative period, figuring out what is actually important to him and what kind of person he wants to be.

Alf Stone's girlfriend is named Treeni. As has happened to so many super-heroes, nefarious forces concocted a plan that threatens his beloved.

Alf Stone (as STIMULUS) possesses a number of super-human powers, including the ability to create stunning "e-spheres."

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