Religion: indeterminate

Name: Sanford

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Marvel Two-in-One (vol. 1) #1 (Jan. 1974): "Vengeance of the Molecule Man!"

Creators: Steve Gerber, Gil Kane, Joe Sinnott

Number of Appearances: 2

Ally: Cynthia (Iron Girl)
Ally: Boyd

Occupation: student

Location: Citrusville, Florida, USA

Gender: male

Note: Thing gave him power-depleted wand of Molecule Man

Sanford is a red-haired kid seen on the last page of Marvel Two-in-One #1 (Jan. 1974).

After defeating the Molecule Man's "son" (an artificial construct created by the Molecule Man, a.k.a. Owen Reece), the Thing handed the villain's now-powerless wand to Sanford. The wand had previously been a receptacle for the Molecule Man's power. But with the construct destroyed and the wand's power depleted, the Thing didn't think it had posed any danger or had any further significance.

Sanford next appeared in Iron Man Annual #3 (1976). In that story, Sanford was pretending to be the Molecule Man while he played with his friends, Cynthia and Boyd. The wand accidentally activated (proving itself to be not so powerless after all). Cynthia touched the wand and it transformed her into an adult woman with the Molecule Man's facial markings and a mentality that merged her own with the Molecule Man's.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Marvel Two-in-One (vol. 1) #1 (Jan. 1974): "Vengeance of the Molecule Man!" (cameo)

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