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Religion: Cult of the Shark-God deity CBR Scale: U

Name: Kai-Mak

Other Names: Lord of the Deep; The Shark-God; God of Sharks; Master of the Deep

Classification: villain villain   deity deity  

Publisher(s): Marvel Timely

First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics #23 (Sep. 1941): "Cult of the Shark-god"

Creators: Joe Simon, Jack Kirby

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: The Vision

Location: Zambiji region, Africa

Species: sharks

Gender: male

Note: possibly last survivor of an ancient race

The precise nature and origin of Kai-Mak, who appears to be a shark-like man or an anthropomorphized shark, is unclear. All that is clear is that by the time the Vision encountered him, Kai-Mak had been worshiped by a frightened African tribe for many years. Kai-Mak may have been the last survivor of a hidden race of shark people. If that is the case, he could be classified as a an "uplifted animal." Or he might be an mutant or mutant Atlantean, Deviant or human.

Given the fact that Kai-Mak demanded worship from the Zambui, and actively purported himself to be a deity, there are many overtly religious elements in this story and in Kai-Mak's character. But Kai-Mak himself does not appear to be sincerely religious or ethical. He seems to believe in nothing but serving his own selfish desires. He used the veneer or religion as a tool to subjugate the Zambui people.

Kai-Mak was not a "true" deity in same sense that various races of gods (Olympians, Asgardians, etc.). But he was worshiped as a god by the Zambui jungle tribe.

Kai-Mak terrorized this jungle tribe for many years, routinely demanding human sacrifices from them. When Kai-Mak demanded that the tribe sacrifice a captured scientist and his daughter, the hero Vision (Aarkus) battled and ultimately killed the beast.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Marvel Mystery Comics #23 (Sep. 1941): "Cult of the Shark-god"

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