unnamed therapist

Religion: probably indeterminate

Name: unnamed therapist

Other Names: "my therapist"

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #3 (July 1984): "Tempest Without, Crisis Within!"

Creators: Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck, John Beatty

Number of Appearances: 4

Ally: Molecule Man

Occupation: therapist

Gender: female

Note: Molecule Man's therapist

Molecule Man (Owen Reece) frequently referred to his therapist while he was on Battleworld during the first "Secret Wars." Mr. Reece seemed genuinely concerned with trying to follow all of his therapist's instructions, so he could become rehabilitated and leave behind his former life as a dangerous "super-villain."

In original references, the therapist's gender could not be determined based on Owen's references. But in Secret Wars #11, Owen Reece specifically refers to his therapist as "she."

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Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars

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