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Religion: Luddite CBR Scale: D

Name: Luddite

Other Names: Luddite bomb; Luddite missile

Classification: villain villain  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: Outsiders (vol. 3) #42 (Jan. 2007): "Mad Scientists, Part 3"

Creators: Judd Winick, Ron Randall, Pop Mahn, Art Thibert, Steve Bird

Number of Appearances: 2

Enemy of: Taylor Clay

Employer: Dr. Sivana

Gender: not applicable

Note: missile that wipes out electrical systems, knowledge

Created by Dr. Sivana, the Luddite was a missile that wiped out electrical systems and higher brain functions, causing instantaneous amnesia in its victims. The villainous Dr. Sivana successfully launched the Luddite against Sydney, Australia.

Dr. Sivana's "Luddite" missile is NOT a person and not really a character. The missile, having no intelligence of its own can genuinely be said to be a "Luddite" in a ideological or religious sense. But as this missile is ecplicitly named "Luddite" and was used to accomplish Luddite goals, it and the story in which it appears may be of interest to those researching Luddites and Luddite philosophy in comics.

Dr. Sivana, the "mad-scientist" villain who created and launched the Luddite missile, is not himself known to be a Luddite in any way. His precise motivations for launching such a missile against Australia are not, as yet, entirely clear to us. As Sivana explained to the Outsiders, it had to do with his plan to take over the world.

In the publisher's solicitation description, the Luddite technology is described as "Sivana's worldwide high-tech assault on science."

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