The Religious Affiliation of
unnamed Indian laborers

Religion: Native American CBR Scale: D

Name: unnamed Indian laborers

Classification: supporting characters supporting characters   group group  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Thunderbolts (vol. 1) #-1 (July 1997): "Distant Rumblings!"

Creators: Kurt Busiek, Steve Epting, Bob Wiacek

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: Baron Zemo

Type of Organization/Group: laborer

Note: Baron Zemo quashed uprising of his Indian laborers

Many years ago, before the "dawn of the Marvel Age" (i.e., the events depicted in Fantastic Four #1), Baron Zemo (Heinrich Zemo) quashed an uprising of his Indian laborers. His son Helmut Zemo (who would later become the latest "Baron Zemo" before becoming the heroic "Citizen V") watched, alongside his friend, Eric Josen (who would later become the villain "Goliath," and then the heroic "Atlas.")

Note that these laborers are described as "Indians," which was a common appellation for Native Americans in the time period that this story is set in. This entire issue is intended to have a "retro feel." The story, design, and artwork are reminiscent of comics published prior to the 1960s. These "Indians" are not people from India.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Thunderbolts (vol. 1) #-1 (July 1997): "Distant Rumblings!"

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