Janis Jones

Janis Jones

Religion: not determined yet

Name: Janis Jones

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Hulk: Future Imperfect #1 (Dec. 1992): "Part 1 of 2"

Creators: Peter David, George Pérez

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 17

Enemy of: The Abomination

Ally: The Hulk

Occupation: warrior

Location: Dystopia

Gender: female

Janis Jones comes from the "Future Imperfect" future Earth seen in Hulk stories. She is the great-grand-daughter of Rick Jones and his wife Marlo. Janis Jones travelled to mainstream contemporary time in order to escape the Abomination to ruled her future as a horrible despot.

For a time, Janis Jones was a travelling companion to the contemporary Hulk.

Janis Jones is a very skilled warrior. She regularly uses a quarterstaff which is capable of firing high-power energy blasts.

This character is in the following 8 stories which have been indexed by this website:
Hulk: Future Imperfect
The Incredible Hulk
Thunderbolts Prelude #1 (Jan. 1997): "Brakoow"

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