The Religious Affiliation of
Henry Sage

Religion: Christian (denomination unknown); vampire CBR Scale: M

Name: Henry Sage

Classification: villain villain  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up (vol. 2) #7 (Mar. 1998): "Sun-Walkers!"

Creators: Marv Wolfman, Tom Derenick, Tom Palmer

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: Spider-Man, Blade, Dracula, Jose

Nation: Austria

Gender: male

Note: transformed into vampire by Dracula in 1795

In contemporary times, the vampire Henry Sage was injected with the "Daywalker" (or "Sun-Walker") formula. This causd his memories of his pre-vampire life to return. He was able to remember his wife, son, and two daughters.

The undead vampire Henry Sage was finally destroyed by the vampire hunter named Blade. As he disintegrated, Sage actually thanked Blade for destroying him, for it meant he could be released from his undead state and returned to his family.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Marvel Team-Up (vol. 2) #7 (Mar. 1998): "Sun-Walkers!"

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