Damon Morelle

Damon Morelle

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Name: Damon Morelle

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Nightwatch #6 (Sep. 1994): "Sins of the Future"

Creators: Terry Kavanagh, Mark Tenney, Roy Burdine, Don Hudson, Thomas Florimonte, Rich Perotta

Ally: Ashley Croix
Ally: Nolan Morelle
Employer: Morelle Pharmaceuticals

Occupation: business owner

Gender: male

Note: Morelle Pharmaceuticals

Damon Morelle was the founder of Morelle Pharmaceuticals.

Morelle Pharmaceuticals had a relationship with scientist Ashley Croix, who was at a different time the beloved girlfriend of Kevin Trench (the hero known as "Nightwatch"). Damon Morelle and Ashley Croix were had a child, Nolan Morelle, who had superpowers by virtue of the fact that he was mutated by nanotechnology.

Damon Morelle Damon Morelle

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