The Religious Affiliation of
Stupid Stupid Rat Creatures

Religion: Rat Creatures CBR Scale: R

Name: Stupid Stupid Rat Creatures

Other Names: Rat Creatures

Classification: villains villains   group group  

Publisher(s): Cartoon Books

First Appearance: Bone #1 (July 1991): "Out from Boneville"

Creators: Jeff Smith

Number of Appearances: 22

Enemy of: Fone Bone, The Great Red Dragon, Thorn, Gran'ma Ben

Type of Organization/Group: soldier

Worked for: Kingdok, The Hooded One

Nation: The Valley

The "Stupid, Stupid Rat Creatures" are two soldiers from the horde of thousands of rat creatures who inhabit the valley. These two particular rat creatures frequently encountered Fone Bone, and were among the first creatures he encountered in the valley.

The "Stupid, Stupid Rat Creatures" frequently discuss their desire to devour Fone Bone, but they never manage to do so. One of them very much wants to prepare Fone Bone to eat in a quiche, which is something his companion chides him for, telling him that quiche is not the type of food a proper monster eats.

The pair of rat creatures known as "Stupid, Stupid Rat Creatures" do not call themselves by this term. The name came from what Fone Bone called the pair on one of their first encounters. This happened in panel 7 on page 9 in Bone #2. The rat creatures were chasing Fone Bone. He jumped off a cliff onto a small branch that sprouted from a cliff overhanging a high waterfall. Fone was certain that the massive rat creatures wouldn't follow him there. But they did, which is when Fone yelled at them: "Stupid, stupid rat creatures!" The branch broke and all of them fell all the way down into the tumultuous water below.

Fone Bone has run into these two "stupid, stupid rat creatures" multiple times since then, but he has always managed to escape their clutches. Sometimes he has been rescued from these rat creatures by the Red Dragon, who appears to be intent on protecting Fone.

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