Name: IDIC

Other Names: International Data Integration and Control; I.D.I.C.; International Data Integration Control; International Data Integration Corporation

Classification: villains villains   group group  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Master of Kung Fu #102 (July 1981): "A Vision of Winter in Spring!"

Creators: Peter Gillis, Gene Day

Number of Appearances: 5

Teams/Affiliations: A.I.M.

Enemy of: Shang-Chi, Dame Renee de Peyraud

Type of Organization/Group: company

Note: front for A.I.M.

IDIC is an acronym for "International Data Integration and Control." This international company is really a front for the international science-based terrorist organization A.I.M.

Individual employees (or operatives) of IDIC have included Diadem, Shintaro Kuramoto, Dr. Lugash, and Kenjiro Tanaka. Individuals working for IDIC may be A.I.M. agents, or they may be unaware of IDIC's AIM affiliation.

Originally, it was not revealed that IDIC was a front for A.I.M. The heroes who encountered it simply learned that IDIC was an international company willing to use any means necessary to control the world's economy.

Number of group members listed below: 5

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Pub. #
Diadem (Luciane D'Hiver) villain
  IDIC Marvel 1
IDIC villain group
[front for A.I.M.]
Marvel 5
Shintaro Kuramoto supporting character
  A.I.M.; Asian... 
[IDIC's NYC branch Operations Manager]
Marvel 3
Doctor Lugash villain
  A.I.M.; IDIC
[Dame Peynaud's personal doctor; also worked for IDIC]
Marvel 1
Ken Tanaka supporting character
  Asian; IDIC...  Marvel 18

This character is in the following 2 stories which have been indexed by this website:
Master of Kung Fu #102 (July 1981): "A Vision of Winter in Spring!"
Quasar #5 (Mid-Dec. 1989): "The Absorption Principle"

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