Gabriel MacGregor

Religion: not determined yet

Name: Gabriel MacGregor

Other Names: Gabe MacGregor

Classification: supporting character supporting character   scientist scientist  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Marvel Double-Shot #4 (Apr. 2003): "Man of Iron"

Creators: Greg Rucka, Klaus Janson

Number of Appearances: 1

Ally: Butler

Ally: Tony Stark

Occupation: inventor, roboticist

Gender: male

Note: Tony Stark's friend; became delusional; committed suicide

Gabriel MacGregor was an inventor. He was one of the world's leading pioneers in robotics. He was a casual friend (or perhaps more of a business acquaintance) of Tony Stark, the brilliant technologist and inventor who was the alter ego of the super-hero Iron Man.

MacGregor felt very inadequate when it came to social situations. He became a recluse and interacted almost solely with robots of his own creation. He used the robots to "insulate" him from other people who had dealings with him. There were six such robots. MacGregor called one of them "Butler." (This is the robot that brought Tony Stark to see MacGregor when last he visited the reclusive robotics pioneer.)

Eventually MacGregor became delusional. He was obsessed with the poem "Richard Cory," by Edwin Arlington Robinson. The narrative poem is about a wealthy, successful philanthropist admired by all the people in his town. At the end of the poem, Cory kills himself with a gun. Oddly enough, MacGregor called Tony Stark by Richard Cory's name when Stark visited him for the last time.

MacGregor was also obsessed with a female robot he was creating, a robot he told Stark he was building in order to keep him company. When Stark visited MacGregor in his home workshop, MacGregor asked Stark if he would like to see the robot, named "Iria." MacGregor pulled away the sheet that covered "Iria" on a table... but there was nothing there but a loose assemblage of unconnected junk and scrap parts. Stark was shocked to see this. He said, "Gabe... there's nothing there..."

MacGregor ultimately committed suicide, which caused Tony Stark to the ways in which he isolates himself from others through technology.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Marvel Double-Shot #4 (Apr. 2003): "Man of Iron"

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