PFC Adams

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Name: PFC Adams

Other Names: Adams

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Captain America (vol. 1) #135 (Mar. 1971): "More Monster Than Man"

Creators: Stan Lee, Gene Colan, Tom Palmer

Number of Appearances: 3

Teams/Affiliations: U.S. Army

Enemy of: The Monster Ape

Occupation: soldier

Location: New York City, New York, USA

Race: white

Gender: male

Note: helped guard Project Earth Dig

PFC Adams was one of a number of regular U.S. Army soldiers who were stationed at Project Earth Dig in New York City. This project had dug the deepest hole into the earth ever dug. The intent was to use the hole to safely store nuclear waste from nuclear power plants.

PFC Adams was identifiable because his name was on his uniform in panel 6 on page 17 in Captain America (vol. 1) #135. In this panel, PFC Adams said, with some moderate amount of authority: "Get those cameramen back behind the markers. This area's restricted."

Just after he said this, a giant gorilla (who was really the transformed SHIELD scientist Dr. Erik Gorbo) appeared on the scene, attacking the project. PFC Adams shot a the gorilla, but Gorbo, as a giant ape, was too far and too massive for the soldiers' weapons to be effectual.

On page 19, Captain America wonders out loud: "I can't believe he's just a giant freak of nature! The banks he's robbed -- the way he's sabotaging this project--"

PFC Adams, standing next to Cap, joined with conjecture: "There must be a reason-- some explanation!"

Captain America climbed onto the tall structure at the project to try to take the fight to the gorilla and stop its sabotage. Unfortunately, a cable they were both on snapped due to the weight of the gorilla. PFC Adams watched helplessly as the gorilla (Gorbo) and Captain America plunged down into the miles-deep hole.

In the next issue - Captain America #136 - all around assumed that Captain America died from falling into the hole. (He did not.) The soldiers stationed at Project Earth Dig are seen prominently in the first few pages of this issue, interacting with SHIELD agents, Project Earth Dig employees, and friends of Captain America who arrive on the scene.

These soldiers are also seen prominently on page 17 in issue #136, when Falcon arrives on the scene with a jet pack from Tony Stark, intent on going into the whole to rescue Captain America (who Falcon refuses to believe is dead).

These same soldiers are seen briefly in the opening pages of Captain America #137, when Captain America finally emerges (alive) from the deep hole.

PFC Adams is never identified by name in any dialogue or narrative text, and the nametag on his uniform is never again seen, but he can be assumed to be one of the soldiers seen (essentially in the background) in Captain America #s 36 and 37.

In fact, the lead soldier featured on page 17 in issue #37 looks like the soldier with the "PFC Adams" nametag from issue #36, and is acting in the same role. In #36, the Falcon arrives at Project Earth Dig and this lead soldier (PFC Adams, we presume) warns him away, telling him: "Halt! This area is restricted!

Falcon replies, "Man! The times I heard that line before!

Falcon continues to proceed toward the hole, and PFC Adams (in panel 4 on page 17) tells him: "C'mon -- stay where you are! We've got our orders! We-- We-- Hey, look! What's he doin'?"

PFC Adams watches, unable to do anything, as Falcon activates his jet pack (this is before he had Wakandan-designed wings) and proceeds to fly into the gaping, deep Project Earth Dig hole that the soldiers are guarding.

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