Professor Winston

Religion: probably indeterminate

Name: Professor Winston

Other Names: Winston

Classification: supporting character supporting character   scientist scientist  

Publisher(s): Marvel Timely

First Appearance: Mystic Comics (vol. 1) #4 (Aug. 1940): "The Teutonian Agents"

Creators: Ben Flinton, Bill O'Connor, Leonard Sansone

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: The Teutonian Agents

Ally: Williams brothers

Occupation: chemist, professor

Gender: male

Note: developed explosive; Teutonia stole it

Professor Winston was a scientist who developed a powerful new explosive. This explosive was so powerful it could destroy an entire city.

Spies from the small European nation of Teutonia stole the chemical formula for the explosive from Professor Winston. Teutonia was based on Germany. Like Germany at the time, Teutonia was ruled by an evil dictator. Teutonia's evil dictator was based on Adolf Hitler.

Professor Winston asked the Williams brothers to have the heroic Flexo the Rubber Man retrieve the explosive formula. Flexo succeeded in thwarting Teutonia's evil plans for the explosive.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Mystic Comics (vol. 1) #4 (Aug. 1940): "The Teutonian Agents"

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