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Name: Carter

Classification: supporting character supporting character   villain villain  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: The Uncanny X-Men (vol. 1) #122 (June 1979): "Cry for the Children!"

Creators: John Byrne, Chris Claremont, Terry Austin

Number of Appearances: 2

Ally: Johnnie
Ally: Frankie
Ally: Bluey
Employer: Our Mother of Mercy Hospital

Occupation: druggie

Location: Harlem, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Gender: male

Note: heroin addict; reformed and worked at hospital

In Uncanny X-Men #122, X-Men member Storm (Ororo) visited the Harlem apartment where she lived as an infant. She found the neighborhood had deteriorated substantially and her family's old apartment was now a drug den.

Some of the druggies attacked her. Bluey, Johnnie and Frankie were teen druggies who attacked Storm (thinking she might be a police officer). These three were the only druggies mentioned by name in this issue, but a few other were seen.

In an interesting example of continuity and character re-use, one of the druggies showed up much late during the "Operation: Zero Tolerance" crossover storyline. A former druggie named Carter, who had been at that event in Uncanny X-Men #122, was seen, clearly reformed and sober, working at Our Mother of Mercy Hospital.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
The Uncanny X-Men (vol. 1) #122 (June 1979): "Cry for the Children!"

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