Rachel Hunt

Religion: not determined yet

Name: Rachel Hunt

Classification: supporting character supporting character   scientist scientist  

Publisher(s): Marvel Pocket Star Books

First Appearance: Fantastic Four: What Lies Between (2007)

Creators: Peter David

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: Dormammu, Psycho-Man, interspace creatures

Ally: Human Torch
Ally: Reed Richards

Occupation: physicist, scientist

Location: New York, USA

Race: white

Gender: female

Note: opened portal to interspace

Rachel Hunt was a brilliant physicist who researched "interspace," essentially the "border" areas between alternative timelines. She worked for a company which planned to create a tourism industry in which regular civilians could travel into interspace and thus view other dimensions. Reed Richards thought this was a horrible, incredible dangerous idea. At their request, Reed Richards went to the company to learn more abou their plans and to learn more about the details of Rachel Hunt's research. At his wife's request, Reed brough his brother-in-law, Johnny Storm, along.

Johnny Storm first met Rachel Hunt when he posed as a science reporter ("John Gale" of the Daily Bugle) in order to get more information about her and her research. Rachel was furious after she learned of Johnny's subterfuge, but after that he showed genuine concern for her and they began a friendship.

Johnny Storm was attracted to Rachel and contemplated a serious romantic relationship with her, but before this could progress, Rachel's own research got her killed.

Rachel had become infected by an unusual "virus" whch was the result of Dormammus's magic and Psycho-Man's science. This virus bent her will to do what the villains wanted her to do, which was to open up a portal to interspace before Reed Richards had helped her make sure it was safe to do so. Going against Reed's advice and her agreement with her employer, Rachel snuck back to the interspace portal and opened it up on her own. Dangerous creatures from interspace entered our world through the portal and killed Rachel.

Rachel's portal had allowed Dormammus and Psycho-Man access to our world, and their plot eventually threatened the whole universe, but they were fortunately stopped by the heroic efforts of the Fantastic Four.

Rachel Hunt was the second most prominently featured supporting character in Peter David's novel Fantastic Four: What Lies Between (after Ben Grimm's friend Mandy O'Hare). In a real way, the fact that he research and actions led to the events and situations central to the novel, she could be said to be the book's most important character, although she died less than half way through the book.

At the end of the novel, a few colleagues from work as well as the Fantastic Four attended Rachel Hunt's funeral. Johnny Storm stayed at her graveside for some, mourning her life, cut short, and the relationship he had considered but now would never have with her.

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Fantastic Four: What Lies Between (2007)