The Religious Affiliation of
Arcadian League

Religion: fundamentalist Environmentalist CBR Scale: D

Name: Arcadian League

Classification: villains villains   group group  

Publisher(s): DC Milestone Media

First Appearance: Shadow Cabinet #2 (July 1994): "Female Trouble"

Creators: Robert L. Washington III, John Paul Leon, Shawn Martinbrough

Number of Appearances: 3

Enemy of: Sideshow, The Shadow Cabinet, Randcorp, Arthur Rand

Type of Organization/Group: terrorist

Nation: USA

Note: eco-terrorist group led by Telesthene

Summary of Shadow Cabinet #2 (July 1995), from

Sideshow enlists Donner and Blitzen on a personal mission to lay a trap for members of the Arcadian League.

Summary of Shadow Cabinet #3 (Aug. 1994), from now-defunct webpage at

Iron Butterfly and Sideshow are stopping poachers in the Brazilian rain forest. Sideshow is refused help for a personal mission. He gets unofficial help from Mechanic, Blitzen and Donner. We catch up on some Shadow Cabinet gossip. Sideshow begins a search for the Arcadian League. Sideshow infiltrates the group and ends up coming face to face with Telesthene.

Summary of Shadow Cabinet #4 (Sep. 1994), from now-defunct webpage at

Telesthene and her powers are introduced as Sideshow survives the Arcadian League's initiation. Sideshow finds his dad as his cover is eventually blown. Donner and Blitzen track after Sideshow. Sideshow attempts to escape with his dad from Telesthene. Sideshow and Telesthene have a mental confrontation. We learn of Sideshow's multiple personalities. Sideshow takes out Telesthene but has severe reservations concerning Dharma.

From "Sideshow" page on Comicvine website (

Sideshow's deep loyalty to Dharma caused him to react more strongly than other members of the team when Dharma mistreated them. Ramon was enraged when Dharma refused to lend any Shadow Cabinet resources to help Ramon rescue his father. Arthur had been kidnapped by the eco-terrorists known as the Arcadian League for ransom, but Randcorp refused to pay. Sideshow angrily set off to rescue his father himself, but was joined by fellow Shadow Cabinet members Donner and Blitzen, much to his surprise. Donner and Blitzen helped Ramon with his personal quest infiltrate the eco-terrorists behind Dharma's back. Ramon spent days researching and formulating a plan, throwing himself in direct danger to rescue his father. He hoped Arthur would accept responsibility for what happened to him, or maybe even offer an apology. Instead, Arthur tells Ramon that he was not part of the group which tried to kill him, but he approves of their decision. Arthur compared Ramon's spying to "letting one child destroy the other." Rejected and miserable, Sideshow returned to the Shadowspire only to discover that Dharma had ordered Telesthene, the leader of the eco-terrorists, to kidnap Arthur. Dharma had anticipated Ramon would rescue his father and take out Telesthene, a Shadow Cabinet operative who was becoming a liability, in the process. This deception only widened the rift growing between Dharma and Sideshow.

Number of group members listed below: 4

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Pub. #
Arcadian League villain group
CBR Scale: D fundamentalist Environmentalist
[eco-terrorist group led by Telesthene] DC Milestone Media 3
Stavros Kudirka villain
  [one of the leaders of a white slavery ring] DC Milestone Media 1
Zbigniew Ryzk villain
  [1st app: Shadow Cabinet #2 (July 1994)] DC Milestone Media 1
Telesthene Telesthene (Tina Kalkstein) villain
CBR Scale: D fundamentalist Environmentalist; Animal Rights
Arcadian League (leader); The Shadow Cabinet...  DC Milestone Media 2

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