The Religious Affiliation of
Captain Ray

Religion: separatist CBR Scale: M

Name: Captain Ray

Classification: supporting character supporting character   villain villain   scientist scientist  

Publisher(s): DC Milestone Media

First Appearance: Shadow Cabinet #7 (Dec. 1994): "Shoot the Moon"

Creators: Matt Wayne, John Paul Leon, Shawn Martinbrough

Number of Appearances: 3

Enemy of: Plus, SYSTEMatics

Ally: Plus

Occupation: leader, scientist

Location: Antarctica

Gender: male

Note: led Union of Separatist Scientists; held Plus captive

Summary of Shadow Cabinet #7 (Dec. 1994), from now-defunct webpage at

The team fights to survive in Antarctica. We see that Plus is made up of two different entities. Dharma offers to lead the various S.Y.S.T.E.M. cells. Plus seduces Captain Ray, leader of the Union of Separatist Scientists. The team escapes Antarctica. Captain Ray and Plus have a confrontation. Dharma accepts leadership of S.Y.S.T.E.M. and Hardware introduces Stella to Dharma.

Summary of Shadow Cabinet #8 (Jan. 1995), from now-defunct webpage at

Stella leaves with Dharma. Captain Ray and Plus are still playing with each other. We learn that Payback has joined with the Shadow Cabinet at Icon's request. Stella meets Payback and the team makes it to Sydney, Australia. The team stays at Iota's home in Sydney. Plus is still making out with Captain Ray. The battle at Antarctica heats up as four different S.Y.S.T.E.M. cells attack and Dharma send in Starlight (Stella).

Summary of Shadow Cabinet #9 (Feb. 1995), from now-defunct webpage at

The Union of Separatist Scientists (U.S.S.) battle against S.Y.S.T.E.M. Starlight comes in and takes out the S.Y.S.T.E.M. forces. Plus leaves Captain Ray to confront Starlight. Plus learns that Starlight is with Dharma and proceeds to join her in an attempt to handcuff the plans of the (U.S.S.) The U.S.S. try to launch their ship, but do not succeed. The team finally reaches Dharma and Sideshow's rage leads him to gore Dharma for leaving them at the South Pole.

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Shadow Cabinet

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