Lucien Goff

Lucien Goff

Religion: not determined yet

Name: Lucien Goff

Other Names: Lucien

Classification: villain villain  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Emma Frost #8 (Apr. 2004): "Mind Games, Part 2: Luck be a Lady"

First Appearance (Additional Details): (mentioned) Emma Frost #7 (Mar. 2004): "Mind Games, Part 1: Hellfire"; (seen) Emma Frost #8 (Apr. 2004): "Mind Games, Part 2: Luck be a Lady"

Creators: Karl Bollers, Carlo Pagulayan, Dennis Crisostomo

Number of Appearances: 5

Enemy of: Emma Frost, Troy Killkelly, Tito

Romantic Interest: Gina

Family/Relative: Mr. Goff (father)

Occupation: loan shark

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Gender: male

Note: tried to collect on debt from Emma Frost's friend Troy

As part of an effort to collect on a $10,000 debt that Emma Frost's new friend Troy Killkelly owed him, Lucien had his hired thugs kidnap Troy and Emma. Lucien's plan was to use the captive Emma Frost to extort a large amount of money from her millionaire father, Winston Frost.

Without help from her father, Emma was able to defeat Lucien and have him arrested. Unfortunely, Emma's friend Troy ended up dead at the end of this fiasco.

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