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Name: Miel

Classification: supporting character supporting character  

Publisher(s): DePatie-Freleng Enterprises Marvel Productions NBC

First Appearance: The Fantastic Four - Season 1, Episode 5 (4 Nov. 1978): "The Diamond of Doom"

Creators: Christy Marx

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 1

Enemy of: Queen Sebel

Family/Relative: Queen Sebel (sister)

Defended or Helped by: The Fantastic Four

Occupation: prisoner

Nation: Manopal

Gender: female

Note: captive sister of despotic Queen Sebel

Miel is the sister of Sebel, the despotic queen of Manopal. Over one thousand years ago, Queen Sebel imprisoned Miel so that nobody could challenge her rule. The evil Queen Sebel used her innate magical abilities, amplified by a mystically powerful diamond known as the Great White Stone, to enslave the people of Manopal.

Over one thousand years after Miel was imprisoned, Queen Sebel captured the Fantastic Four and used her hypnotic powers to enslave them and force them to work in her diamond mines. While working in the mines, Reed Richards and the Thing found Miel. They joined with her and with other rebels to overthrow Queen Sebel's evil rule over Manopal.

The people of Manopal then celebrated. Miel thanked the Fantastic Four for her own freedom as well as for the freedom of her people.

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This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
The Fantastic Four - Season 1, Episode 5 (4 Nov. 1978): "The Diamond of Doom"

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