The Religious Affiliation of

Religion: Vodoun CBR Scale: D

Name: Rico

Classification: villain villain  

Publisher(s): DC

First Appearance: Batman (vol. 1) #298 (Apr. 1978): "The Case of the Crimson Coffin!"

Creators: David Vern (as David V. Reed), John Calnan, Dick Giordano

Number of Appearances: 2

Enemy of: Batman, Evans Aldrich

Location: Gotham City, USA

Gender: male

Note: member of Voodoo cult led by Mamaloi priestess

Rico was an adherent of Vodoun.

Rico belonged to a Voodoo cult, one of whose leaders was a Mamaloi priestess.

In Batman (vol. 2) #298, the Mamaloi priestess had Rico dress up as Batman. She then sacrificed Rico as part of a Voodoo ritual intended to convince the other cult members of her power.

Rico was apparently a willing participating in the sacrifice ritual which ended his life.

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Batman (vol. 1) #298 (Apr. 1978): "The Case of the Crimson Coffin!"

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