Academy of Tomorrow

Name: Academy of Tomorrow

Other Names: New Mutants

Classification: heroes heroes   group group  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Ultimate X-Men #44 (June 2004): "New Mutants, Part Five"

Creators: Brian Michael Bendis, David Finch, Danny Miki

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 18

Number of group members listed below: 12

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Pub. #
Academy of Tomorrow hero group
  [1st app: Ultimate X-Men #44 (June 2004)] Marvel 18
Angel Angel (Warren Worthington III) hero
CBR Scale: I Episcopalian
The Champions; X-Men...  Marvel 1,741
The Beast The Beast (Hank McCoy) hero scientist
CBR Scale: ICBR Scale: S Episcopalian; agnostic
The Avengers; X-Men...  Marvel 5,233
Cannonball Cannonball (Sam Guthrie) hero
CBR Scale: S Baptist
The Avengers; X-Men...  Marvel 831
Cypher Cypher (Doug Ramsey) hero based on a real person
CBR Scale: A Latter-day Saint
The New Mutants; Academy of Tomorrow Marvel 113
Dazzler Dazzler (Alison Blaire) hero
CBR Scale: M singing
X-Men; Excalibur...  Marvel 447
Havok Havok (Alex Summers) hero
CBR Scale: I Catholic (lapsed)
Magistrates; X-Men... 
[Cyclops' brother]
Marvel 592
Karma Karma (Xi'an Coy Manh) hero
CBR Scale: S Catholic; LGBT
X-Men; The New Mutants...  Marvel 260
Northstar Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier) hero
CBR Scale: S Catholic; LGBT; Quebecois separatist terrorist (former)
X-Men; Alpha Flight... 
Marvel 284
Polaris Polaris (Lorna Dane) hero
CBR Scale: I Jewish Catholic
X-Men; X-Factor... 
[studied geophysics in college]
Marvel 464
Sunspot Sunspot (Roberto Dacosta) hero
CBR Scale: I Catholic
The Hellfire Club; The Avengers...  Marvel 574
White Queen White Queen (Emma Frost) villain hero
CBR Scale: U Episcopalian (nominal); mutant supremacist
X-Men; Generation X (teacher)...  Marvel 3,409

This character is in the following story which has been indexed by this website:
Ultimate X-Men #44 (June 2004): "New Mutants, Part Five"

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