The Leymen

Name: The Leymen

Other Names: Primal Force

Classification: supporting characters supporting characters   group group  

Publisher(s): DC

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of group members listed below: 11

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Pub. #
Black Condor Black Condor (Ryan Kendall) hero
  Freedom Fighters; The Leymen DC 58
Claw Claw (John Chan) hero
  The Leymen DC 44
Doctor Mist Doctor Mist (Nommo of Kor) hero
CBR Scale: M African primal-indigenous religion; occult
Club of Heroes; Global Guardians...  DC 41
Golem Golem (Paul) hero
CBR Scale: S Jewish
The Leymen DC 23
Jack O'Lantern Jack O'Lantern (Liam McHugh) hero
  The Leymen; Ultramarine Corps DC 21
The Leymen supporting character group
Meridian Meridian (Meridian Mychaels) hero
  The Leymen DC 16
Nightmaster Nightmaster (Jim Rook) hero
  Primal Force; Shadowpact...  DC 55
Noir hero
  The Leymen DC 1
Red Tornado Red Tornado (John Smith) hero
CBR Scale: S religious android
The Justice League; The Justice Society of America...  DC 367
Willpower Willpower (William Twotrees) hero
CBR Scale: S Native American spirituality (Apache)
The Leymen DC 8