Forgotten Heroes

Name: Forgotten Heroes

Classification: heroes heroes   group group  

Publisher(s): DC

Enemy of: The Faceless Hunter from Saturn

Number of group members listed below: 16

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Pub. #
Animal Man Animal Man (Buddy Baker) hero clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: M Animal Rights; Church of Maxine (leader)
Forgotten Heroes; The Justice League DC 187
Atomic Knight Atomic Knight (Gardner Grayle) hero
  Atomic Knights; Forgotten Heroes...  DC 42
Ballistic (Kelvin Mao) hero
  Blood Pack; Forgotten Heroes DC 15
Cave Carson Cave Carson (Calvin Carson) hero
  Forgotten Heroes; Shadow Fighters DC 44
Congo Bill Congo Bill hero
  Forgotten Heroes; The Justice League DC Vertigo 269
Dolphin hero
  Forgotten Heroes DC 114
Dane Dorrance Dane Dorrance hero
  Forgotten Heroes; Sea Devils DC 24
Fetish (Thula) hero
  Forgotten Heroes DC 8
Rick Flag Jr. Rick Flag Jr. hero
  Forgotten Heroes; The Suicide Squad DC 48
Forgotten Heroes hero group
Immortal Man hero
  Forgotten Heroes DC 15
Ray Ray (Ray Terrill) hero
CBR Scale: S Catholic
Forgotten Heroes; Freedom Fighters...  Quality DC 222
Resurrection Man Resurrection Man (Mitchell Shelley) hero
  Forgotten Heroes DC 39
Rip Hunter Rip Hunter (Ripley Hunter) hero
  Forgotten Heroes; Linear Men DC 124
Adam Strange Adam Strange hero
CBR Scale: I religious
Forgotten Heroes DC 339
Vigilante Vigilante (Pat Trayce) hero
  Checkmate; Forgotten Heroes
[Was a freelance operative for Checkmate.]
DC 37