Omega Flight

Name: Omega Flight

Classification: supporting characters supporting characters   group group  

Publisher(s): Marvel

Number of group members listed below: 22

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Pub. #
Arachne Arachne (Julia Carpenter) hero
  Force Works; Freedom Force...  Marvel 218
Dr. Elizabeth Benning supporting character
  Omega Flight (ally)
[Canadian govt. therapist treating Michael Pointer]
Marvel 9
Beta Ray Bill Beta Ray Bill hero
CBR Scale: M Norse/Teutonic paganism / Korbinite religion
Korbinite; Omega Flight...  Marvel 128
Bile (Tom Preston) villain
  Omega Flight Marvel 5
Box Box (Roger Bochs) villain hero
  Alpha Flight; Beta Flight...  Marvel 40
Brain Drain (Werner Schmidt) villain scientist
CBR Scale: M Norse/Teutonic paganism; Nazi
Omega Flight; Super-Axis Marvel 13
Agent Jeff Brown Agent Jeff Brown supporting character
CBR Scale: S religious
Omega Flight
[Canadian government C.S.I.S. liason for Omega Flight]
Marvel 16
Delphine Courtney Delphine Courtney (MX39147) villain
  Omega Flight Marvel 12
Diamond Lil Diamond Lil (Lillian Crawley) villain hero
  Alpha Flight; Beta Flight...  Marvel 93
Flashback (Gardner Monroe) villain hero
  Beta Flight; Gamma Flight...  Marvel 22
Jerry Jaxon villain
  Omega Flight Marvel 10
Miss Mass villain
  Omega Flight Marvel 1
Omega Flight supporting character group
Omega Omega (Michael Pointer) hero
  Dark X-Men; Omega Flight Marvel 41
Sasquatch Sasquatch (Dr. Walter Langkowski) hero scientist
CBR Scale: I Jewish
Alpha Flight; Omega Flight Marvel 327
Sinew (William Knox) villain
  Omega Flight Marvel 3
Smart Alec Smart Alec (Alec Thorne) villain hero
  First Flight; Gamma Flight...  Marvel 20
Strongarm villain
  Omega Flight Marvel 1
Talisman Talisman (Elizabeth Twoyoungmen) hero clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: M Native American shamanism (Sarcee)
Alpha Flight; Beta Flight...  Marvel 91
Tech-Noir villain
  Omega Flight Marvel 5
U.S. Agent U.S. Agent (John Walker) hero
CBR Scale: S Evangelical Protestant
Force Works; Omega Flight...  Marvel 333
Wild Child Wild Child (Kyle Gibney) villain hero
  Alpha Flight; Gamma Flight...  Marvel 172

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