Crime Champions

Name: Crime Champions

Classification: villains villains   group group  

Publisher(s): DC

Number of group members listed below: 8

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Pub. #
Chronos Chronos (David Clinton) villain
CBR Scale: D obsessed with time
Crime Champions; Injustice League... 
[named for the Greek personification of Time]
DC 102
Crime Champions villain group
Doctor Alchemy Doctor Alchemy (Albert Desmond) villain
CBR Scale: D Alchemist
Crime Champions; Flash's Rogues Gallery... 
[uses Philosopher's Stone to transmute elements]
DC 55
Doctor Destiny Doctor Destiny (John Dee) villain based on a real person
CBR Scale: U Alchemist
Crime Champions DC 43
Felix Faust Felix Faust villain
CBR Scale: D sorcerer; Necronomicon
Crime Champions; Secret Society of Super Villains DC 98
The Fiddler The Fiddler (Isaac Bowin) villain
CBR Scale: S Hindu mystic music
Crime Champions; Injustice Unlimited... 
[trained in mystic music by Hindu fakir]
DC 42
The Icicle The Icicle (Dr. Joar Mahkent) villain
  Cold Warriors; Crime Champions...  DC 40
The Wizard The Wizard (William I. Zard) villain
CBR Scale: D occult/magic; Tibetan Buddhism
Crime Champions; Secret Society of Super Villains DC 61